The learning strategies I teach are fundamental to the academic coaching process for first-year students. As I have mentioned, the transition from undergraduate study to law school can pose a challenge for even the brightest student. Within our group academic coaching objectives, you will be placed in a cohort where you will learn directly from me in live academic success training sessions to help you establish sound learning and testing strategies, including:
  • Study scheduling, deadlines and time management
  • Reading, case briefing and notetaking
  • Class preparation and participation
  • Outlining
  • Study and memorization strategies
  • Legal reasoning
  • Exam strategies
  • Essay and multiple choice practice sessions
  • Mindfulness, mental health and self-care
The sessions are scheduled in tandem with the general academic calendar for most law schools, so I’m there for you at just the right time throughout the academic year. 

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GROUP COACHING FOR FIRST YEAR LAW STUDENTS is virtual and is conducted over videoconference via Zoom. Students are encouraged to appear on video during coaching sessions due to the collaborative nature of the sessions.

The group coaching program for 1L students is designed to work in tandem with the structure and events of the first year of law school, in order to maximize the chances of success during that most critical time. For this reason, 1L students may only enroll in the 12-month (start of the school year) or 6-month (second semester only) coaching program.

Cohorts in the 12-month group coaching program are based on the academic calendar for the student’s institution. Students at law schools with an August start date are assigned to Group A (August 1 – July 31); students with a September start date are assigned to Group B (September 1 – August 31). The 6-month coaching program runs from January 15 – July 15.

Late Enrollments: Students are permitted to enroll in the group coaching program no later than the last day of the first month for their assigned group; however, the price of the program will not be prorated.

UPPERCLASSMAN LAW STUDENTS  •  Due to the variability of the law school curriculum after the first year and the need for more individualized interventions, group coaching for 2L/3L/4L students is currently not offered.

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The current tuition for group academic success coaching is listed below.


Full Year
(12 months)

Half-Year (6 months; begins in second semester)


August 1 – July 31 or September 1 – August 31; based on academic calendar

January 15 – July 15

Pay in Full (Save 10%)



Equal Monthly Payments



There are financial options available for families who are looking to add coaching to their law school student’s arsenal.

  • Some families factor the cost of coaching tuition in as an academic expense when calculating their financial aid needs for student loans.
  • For individuals who are interested in paying in installments but still want the benefit of the pay-in-full discount, PayPal Credit gives qualifying applicants the option to secure coaching services and pay over time. Simply look for the Pay Pal Credit button at checkout.

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Important Information

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