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  1. I’m going to be attending _________ Law School. Will coaching work for me? Absolutely! The beauty of academic success methodology is that it works regardless of what law school you attend. As you’ll learn early on, the 1L curriculum is largely the same across all schools in the United States.
  2. Can international students use your services? Yes, but I would only recommend it if you will be attending an American law school. The legal system in most other countries is different than that of the one here in the United States.
  3. Will your coaching help me with the LSAT? If you’re looking for advice on an LSAT tutor, I’m happy to share info about some of my colleagues. My academic coaching services primarily focus on academic skills and strategies for incoming and current law students. I recommend waiting to apply for enrollment in coaching until after you have taken the LSAT and applied to law schools. 
  4. I saw your mission, and I’m not a student of color or someone with ADHD. Can you still help me? Of course! What I teach you works really well and will get results for lots of people, regardless of their background, but I was very intentional when I designed my programming. I’m the only law school coach who started out specifically with students of color and students with ADHD in mind. As someone who is both black and has ADHD (I wasn’t diagnosed until I was an adult), there are many things I wish I had known back while I was in law school, and I wanted to make sure that others like me were included.
  5. I’ve been admitted, but I’m still on the fence about attending law school. Should I apply for enrollment in coaching? Not yet–but I’ve got something that could help. I know several people who went to law school and then decided that they didn’t want to be lawyers. For many people in that situation, that can be a really expensive change of heart (or worse–they just keep going anyway, graduate, pass the bar and are actually practicing law today but they really don’t want to be). Some of them said they wished they had a better idea of what they were getting into beforehand because they wouldn’t have gone at all in the first place. I don’t want that to happen to you! That’s why I created my annual FREE academic success workshop, the Law School Launchpad. It gives you a clearer idea of what law school will really be like, and gets you started on the right foot if you do decide you are going to attend. The next Launchpad will take place in early June 2021
  6. It seems like a lot of money…why do you charge what you do to use your services? The information that I teach isn’t *uncommon* outside of law schools, but you’re going to have to hunt to find it, teach it to yourself, and hope you got it right. Why do that when you can work with someone who is trained and experienced in what you’re trying to learn, who can teach you? The value of what I provide you is in the time you save, the confidence that you’re learning from an expert, and the assurance that you’re protecting your investment in yourself. Are you the type who is very careful with how you spend your money? So am I–so make sure you click here and read more about why working with me is worth every penny.
  7. Why should I work with you instead of another law school prep company, or just getting a law prep book? In my opinion, the major difference is access. I’m bringing you the same valuable information that I shared with my own students when I worked inside a law school. The live, interactive lessons are also what makes my services better than just picking up a “how to law school” book–the more structure you have, the better you’ll do. And I don’t stop after the first few weeks; I’m here, physically checking in with you on a regular basis, for the entire length of the time we work together.
  8. If I participate in training or get coaching from you, is there anything in this situation that would break my law school’s ethics rules? This is very unlikely. In general, learning how to study and getting reasoning, writing and exam strategies from an outside expert will not violate the honor code at most schools. However, law students aren’t allowed to get assistance on their legal research and writing assignments (or anything else that gets turned in for your professor to evaluate)–so if you enroll in individual coaching, we won’t review any coursework you’ve done until after it has been graded and returned.
  9. How much of the help and info that you provide can I get from my school? Surprisingly, not much. The way law school is taught is one of the biggest differences between undergrad and law school. You’ll be required to take what you learn on a day-to-day basis and use it in a completely different way than you’re used to on a huge exam at the end of the semester, and usually for most of your grade–if not all of it. Many students won’t figure out how to do this until far too late in the semester, and every day counts. Now, I will say: there are people just like me who work at some law schools, but not all law schools have them. At the law schools that do, there are usually only one or two of them, and they usually have their hands full with bar prep and students who are academically in trouble. That’s one of the reasons I created Your Law School Coach–my colleagues do a great job, but there are only so many hours in a day.
  10. Will you help me hack my way to better grades? No. My services are for people who are serious about their future and ready to put in the work. Let me let you in on a little secret: you absolutely cannot get through law school, the bar exam and into legal practice successfully by doing the bare minimum–and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. Don’t get it twisted: there are definitely strategies that I will teach you to help you understand things better, but there’s no magic hack in law school that anyone can show you that can take the place of putting in the time and the effort. If you aren’t ready to work harder than you ever have before, you might not be ready for law school and working with me is definitely not for you.
  11. Will using your services assure me straight A grades? Unfortunately, no. Even if you do everything exactly the way that I suggest, there are still factors out of our control when it comes to law school grades: your professors are the ultimate arbiter of your performance, and the grade curve at your particular school can also have an effect. Along those lines: when it comes to writing your exams, if there is ever anything I recommend where your professor has told you something different, or has told you specific direction as to what they want to see, always follow your professor’s instructions over mine. They’re the ones who are grading you, so what they say goes!

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Important Information

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